Welcome to a new school year!

This year brings with it two big additions for us here at PACTT:

  •  Three new students and their families have joined our school program!
  • Our Transition Program is up and running in its new space - across from the current adult vocational site. The Transition students and staff have been incredibly flexible as we grow into the space, slowly but surely. (We'll have pics of the new space soon!)

This Thursday, Sept. 16th, is our School and Transition Open House for current familiesStaff members will be available at both sites from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. to meet and talk with families. We'll also have some fun goodies for you to take home!

Transition Parents -- You can go straight to the new center (1544 W. Morse) to meet with Lauren, Shaun and the gang.

School Parents -- If you'd like to check out the center, we plan to lead a group over there around 7:30 p.m.

Yearbooks are here!!

Our 2009-2010 school yearbooks have arrived! Each student will receive one copy of the yearbook, which you can pick up at Open House. Additional copies will be available Thursday night for $15. If you can't make it to Open House, and still want an extra copy or two, let me know.

You'll also have the opportunity to order prints of your students' individual portraits. We certainly have some good looking kiddos 'round here! Order forms will be distributed with the yearbooks, and photos will arrive in time for holiday gifts.

Speaking of holiday gifts ... we are once again selling Entertainment Books. We earn money for each book we sell, but we need to sell at least 40. Each book costs $25, and has hundreds of dollars worth of savings inside.

Order forms and books will be available at Open House, or the info will be sent home / mailed on Friday. Please remember to specify whether you want the Chicago North/Northwest or Chicago South/Southwest editions.

Thanks to Kathleen Falco for coordinating our Entertainment Book sale! If you have questions, you can email her at tkfalco@yahoo.com or call her at 847-581-1168.

Last but not least -- it's time for another round of Boxtops for Education. Check your Cheerios, Ziplock bags, Pillsbury products, and more for the pink Boxtops logo. We get 10 cents for each one collected (that may seem small, but it certainly adds up!). Send any boxtops you have to school by Friday, Sept. 17th, or bring them to Open House. (Feel free to send them along at any point throughout the school year, also -- but I'll let you know when the official collection dates roll around).

As always, if you have questions, comments, concerns, or happy thoughts (my personal favorite!), feel free to call or email.

Thank you all for your support as we jump into this new school year!

- Paula