An OT intern reflects on her semester at PACTT

Laura Robertson was an Occupational Therapy, Level 2, intern at PACTT during Spring and Summer 2015. Here she reflects on her experience:

For the past 3 months I have been interning with PACTT's OT department. I had the chance to present at the new employee orientation, co-lead cooking groups, go on outings with the students, take part in Field Day, participate in student IEP/EDCs and perform part of their 3-year evaluations. I’ve modified some of the equipment used to teach students buttoning and created an independent work station task for student to practice buttoning that can be adapted to student’s needs. While I was here I also got to participate in planning for a new sensory space that will be created at the school.

My last few weeks here I have been helping put together new recipes for classroom cooking. The goal is to teach the students basic recipes that they can do at home in a safe manner and expose the students to different combinations of smells, tastes and textures. If these recipes are a hit, they will become part of the regular school year rotation. 

As my time here at PACTT comes to an end I’ve been reflecting back on all I have learned and how wonderful the staff has been. They have been very welcoming to me and have been patient while I learn. I’ve learned a lot in this internship and will be able to apply what I learned to whatever setting I work in.

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