PACTT Transition Program



PACTT’s Transition Program provides community-based transition supports to students with autism, age 17-22.

The goal of the program is to help each young adult become as independent as possible and be included in his or her community to the greatest extent possible. 

PACTT’s Transition Program is an ISBE-approved nonpublic school program.

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preparation for adult life

At PACTT, we know that our students’ needs don’t stop when they turn 22. Our Transition team walks alongside students and families as they navigate each step of post-school planning. We coordinate with families and providers to create as seamless a transition as possible for our students, whether they are moving into PACTT’s adult service model, or transitioning to another community agency. 

Our 3:2 student:staff ratio supports students in becoming more active participants in community activities and in developing the skills necessary for increased independence in their homes and communities as they transition into post-school life.


transition: by the numbers

  • 100% of transition students participate in some form of community volunteering, job training, or employment.
  • 100% of graduating students transitioned to adult programs at PACTT and other community agencies.