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    PACTT Transition Program

    PACTT's Transition Program is an ISBE-approved nonpublic school program (2009).

    The Transition Program aims to continue the PACTT mission with a specific emphasis on providing intensive personalized education and support for students as they enter adult life.

    The goal of the PACTT Transition Program is to help each young adult become as independent as possible and be included in his/her community to the greatest extent possible. To promote student independence and success in the community, the PACTT Transition Program has a strong focus in the areas of self-determination, vocational skills, independent living skills, socialization and communication skills and community participation.

    Our 3:2 student:staff ratio supports students in becoming more active participants in community activities and in developing the skills necessary for increased independence in their homes and communities as they transition into post-school life.

     Transition Skill Areas Set of Coordinated Program Activities
     Vocational Skills
    • Volunteer or paid employment in the community with job coaching
    • Job try-outs and job site visits
    • Exploration of career interests
    • On-site volunteer employment opportunities
    • Occupational Therapy consultation

     Independent Living Skills
    • Leisure skills instruction
    • Cooking, household chores, and money skills
    • Self-care training and assistance
    • Individualized health, safety and sex education curriculum

     Community Participation
    • Supported community employment, job try-outs, and job site visits
    • Community experiences
    • Recreation and leisure opportunities
    • Supported reintegration into home school district as appropriate 

     Socialization &  

           Communication Skills

    • Classroom instruction in social and communication skills
    • Structured intra- and inter-agency opportunities for interaction with both neurotypical and similarly-abled people
    • Speech/language therapy consultation
    • Assistive technology consultation

    • Student participation in goal setting
    • Individualized rights curriculum
    • Self-management of behavior modification systems
    • Active student participation in annual IEP meetings 


    For more information on the PACTT Transition Program, please contact Paula Jablonski, Principal.


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