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Connecting people with autism to the community

Commit to the Community - Commit to Me is a statewide effort to put a human face on the impact of the Governor's FY16 budget cuts and the need to pass a budget that invests in community care.

Show your support by printing out the Commit to Community sign HERE. Write your name or reason for supporting the community! Take a photo holding the sign, and email it to pjablonski@pactt.org.

Make a difference in the decision-making process in Springfield!

We'll be posting photos on our website and social media as we continue to show legislators and the Governor's office that the proposed cuts do have a human impact.


PACTT's therapeutic day school can serve up to 30 students, ages 6-21. The school maintains a student-teacher ratio of 2 to 1, small class sizes and individualized teaching techniques. Curriculum elements include functional academics, independent living and pre-vocational skills, as well as a strong focus on communication and social interaction.

The PACTT Transition Program serves individuals ages 18-21 in an ISBE-approved educational program. The Transition Program prepares students for post-school life with a focus on community experiences, vocational training, independent living skills, communication and social skills and self-determination.


PACTT operates two children's group homes, in Oak Park and Elmwood Park, IL.  Each home provides 24-hour care for six children with autism. Residents practice self-care, independent living, and social interaction skills. PACTT also has two CILAs (Community Integrated Living Arrangement)group homes for young adults with autism, in Rogers Park and Oak Park. With the support of PACTT's Adult Vocational Program, CILA residents are able to work in the community. 


PACTT's Vocational Program helps prepare young adults with autism for meaningful volunteer and employment positions in the community. The Adult Vocational Program provides post-school opportunities, including community involvement, vocational training and placement, and social and communication skill enrichment.