PACTT's 2016 Work of Heart video presentation highlights PACTT's dedicated team members from across the agency. Video by Joe Federici,

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PACTT Agency Mailing Address: 7101 N. Greenview Ave., Chicago, IL, 60626

Main Agency Phone: 773/338-9102

  • Administration / HR: Sam Lipscomb,  x2323 -- 1544 W. Morse, Chicago, IL 60626
  • Residential Programs: Lisa Fegert, x2727
  • Adult Vocational Programs: David C. Thomas, x5577
  • School Programs: Paula Jablonski, x2121 -- 7101 N. Greenview Ave., Chicago, IL 60626
  • Development Office: Terry Herbstritt, x2424 -- 712 Belleforte, Oak Park, IL 60302