At PACTT, our mission is to assist individuals with autism in becoming as independent as possible with the ability to integrate effectively into their homes and community.
— - Parents Allied with Children and Teachers for Tomorrow, est. 1993

where we began

Parents Allied with Children and Teachers for Tomorrow (PACTT) opened in 1993 as a school in Rogers Park. The founders began with a small group of students and staff, and a big goal – to create an autism-specific educational program that would help each student realize his or her potential as a participating member of a family and a community. With a combination of specialized teaching strategies and approaches geared to meet each student’s unique challenges, the program drew attention from other families and school districts. At that time, services for students with autism were limited, and PACTT was proving itself ready to meet the needs of this growing population of students.


Today, PACTT educational, residential, and vocational programs support children and adults with autism in becoming engaged members of their families and communities. PACTT Rogers Park programs now include school, transition and adult vocational services, as well as an adult residential home. In the Oak Park area, PACTT programs now include three residential homes – two for children and one for adults – and a growing adult vocational program.

PACTT’s founding vision continues to frame its future plans. Expanded vocational and school services provide ongoing opportunities for people with autism to learn the skills needed to be more independent in their daily lives. Together with families and communities, PACTT aims to create a world where our participants are respected for the value they add to the lives of those with whom they work and live.

2017: We Belong

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2016: Building a Future

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Come Grow With Us: 2015

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The Future is Now: 2014

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Celebrate 20 Years of PACTT: 2013

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“Education for a child with autism - like education for any child - should support the growth and development of the unique individual he or she is and will become.”
— Laurie Bushman, Ed.D., PACTT Founder