PACTT's School Programs


Personalized, student-centered planning

  • PACTT’s Therapeutic Day School provides individualized educational, behavioral, social and communication supports to students with autism, age 6-21.

  • Our low staff-student ratio and small class sizes allow for regular small group and individual instruction.

  • Related services (Speech, Occupational Therapy, Social Work) are integrated into our classroom and community experiences

  • Special Education Teachers work with students and families to develop individualized communication and behavior supports.

research-based + eclectic approach = individualized teaching

  • One-size-fits-all curriculum simply doesn’t work. At PACTT, we create a teaching program that uses a variety of research-based practices to meet the unique needs of each individual student.

  • PACTT’s curriculum includes: Functional Academics, tied to the Illinois State Standards and Common Core Essential Elements; Daily Living Skills; Social and Communication Skills; Pre-Vocational Skills and Vocational Training

Community-Integrated Learning

  • Students of all ages participate in regular community experiences - from stores and restaurants to cultural and recreation sites. On average, classrooms visit a total of 35-40 different community sites per year!

  • Community experiences give students an opportunity to generalize skills across new people and environments. 


planning for the future

At PACTT, we know that our students' needs don't stop when they turn 22. Our Transition Specialist and Special Education Teachers walk alongside students and families as they navigate each step of post-school planning. We coordinate with families and providers to create as seamless a transition as possible for our students, whether they are moving into PACTT's adult service model, or transitioning to another community agency.