Bike for PACTT 2016

11th annual ride raises autism awareness & support for pactt

Thank you to all supporters and friends who together contributed over $25,000 to Bike for PACTT 2016. And an even bigger THANK YOU to Claire & Lisa Shanahan who did the heavy lifting once again by pedaling across Northeast Wisconsin in support of PACTT. Their efforts on behalf of Marty continue to inspire those they met in their travels as well as staff, families and donors that help PACTT better serve people with autism. Way to go! 

Aug 4

Today we dodged a storm.  We biked 70 miles against strong headwinds, from Ellison Bay to Algoma, WI.  This was our longest day of riding yet.  

Aug 3

Today was an optional bike ride on Washington Island.  It was a dry day. we wish we packed our chapstick.  It was nice to have an easier ride before tomorrow, when we ride 66 miles total.

Aug 2

Today we biked from Sturgeon Bay to Ellison Bay, which was 53 miles.  We overcame strong headwinds and several hills in a row.  

Aug 1

Today was one of our hilly days, traveling from Mishicot to Green Bay.  It was definitely a challenge to get 50 miles done today!  The rewards was the beautiful landscape along Green Bay.

July 31

We anticipated Monday would be an easier ride.   The elevation graph we received from the ride organizers showed far fewer hills than Sunday.  However, there were quite a few steep hills and strong headwinds on today's route.  We were proud to complete 100 miles today!

July 30

Very excited to kick off our journey tomorrow, there was beautiful weather today and we were able to meet some fellow riders from Milwaukee. Green Bay here we come!  

--Claire and Lisa

Claire (left) and Lisa Shanahan

Claire (left) and Lisa Shanahan

Dear Friend - 

There is no greater joy in life than time spent with treasured family and friends. We are thinking about family, and especially Marty, even when we are not together. We are thrilled that our daughter Claire will be turning thought into action by joining her mom as they cycle through northeast Wisconsin and Door County in support of PACTT Learning Center.



We are doubly blessed to be a part of the PACTT family, and believe strongly in the community-integrated housing and supported employment model that PACTT offers. Thanks to the incredible staff and programs at PACTT, Marty is a happy young man who is employed and enjoys a life filled with promise and meaning. It is so heartwarming that Claire shares in our gratitude and is willing to lead the charge for the next generation of siblings.

Please join us in helping PACTT strengthen the connection between people with autism and their community by making a contribution in support of PACTT. Your support has never been more important!

Thank you!