(from left): Lisa Ryan, Marty, Lisa Shanahan

(from left): Lisa Ryan, Marty, Lisa Shanahan

Bike for PACTT 2017

12th annual ride raises autism awareness & support for PACTT

Lisa Shanahan and Lisa Ryan will be on a “Superior” bike ride from July 8th thru July 14th. Follow their journey here and at Facebook.com/PACTT, as they ride more than 300 miles in support of PACTT.

Dear Friend,

We’re “gearing up” for a Superior bike ride! For the last eleven years, one of us has pedaled for PACTT Learning Center, a not for profit agency that serves people with autism. This year is no exception as Lisa will be riding over 300 miles along Lake Superior in the Northwoods of Wisconsin with her friend Lisa Ryan in a week long effort to raise awareness and funds for PACTT programs. 

Our son Marty has been a participant at PACTT for over twelve years and has made great strides toward a more productive and fulfilling life. We are grateful that PACTT provides the intensive supports that Marty needs and believe strongly in the community-integrated housing and supported employment model offered at PACTT. Marty lives in one of PACTT’s group homes and attends their adult vocational program where he builds on the communication and social skills that enable him to be employed part time. 

PACTT has been there all along for Marty and many others with educational, residential and vocational programs. When you support PACTT Learning Center, you help Marty and other people with severe autism thrive in a compassionate model of care that challenges the established way of providing services for individuals with autism. The comprehensive support found at PACTT is unique in Illinois and that’s why we’re committed to helping PACTT grow to serve others like Marty. 

Please join us in helping PACTT strengthen the connection between people with autism and their community by making a contribution in support of PACTT by using the enclosed envelope or going to www.pactt.org and donating online. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!