Bike for PACTT 2018

2018 Bike Image Final.jpg

This past weekend, PACTT parent Lisa Shanahan and her sister Ann Burr completed their week-long ride through the scenic Western Uplands of Wisconsin in order to raise awareness and funds for PACTT programs. By donning their cycling attire and “heading for the hills” in Wisconsin, Lisa and Ann have raised over $26,000 to date that will benefit PACTT Learning Center. Thank you Lisa & Ann for your remarkable dedication to PACTT & to Marty.

Day 6

After six days and over 350 miles, we finally arrived back at our starting point. It felt good to say GOODBYE to Sparta. We were sunburn, sore & tired after our long and arduous trek, but feelin’ super good about having completed another successful Bike for PACTT!

Day 5

View of La Crosse from the high bluffs along the Mississippi. This bluff rose 1,200 feet above the river and was very steep. Whew! We climbed two of these on the Wisconsin side and then two more on the Minneapolis side of the Big Muddy.

During the climbs, I concentrated on the generous donors who supported our ride in order to keep my mind off of my aching quads and hamstrings!

Day 4

This was our toughest day riding! There were grueling uphill climbs with very steep inclines and terrifying downhill treks. Even though day 4 was somewhat of a blur, it didn’t prevent us from having some memorable fun at one of our rest stops.

Day 3

There were many strong cyclists in our group, and they had a great sense of humor!

Day 2

Fortunately, after the steep climbs on the trail from Sparta to Black River Falls, the rest stops had caulking gun peanut butter. We did not try the pickle juice that was popular with some fellow cyclists!

Day 1

We started off with a very long ride – over 70 miles. This path is a rails to trails (reclaimed railway) and included three very long tunnels, including the one I’m about to enter – over 3300 feet, and so dark we had to walk our bikes and turn on our strong headlights!

There were thunderstorms throughout the week, but we were very fortunate to have skirted around some worrisome storm fronts. But with that came high winds on the inclines of the bluffs, and dense fog in the “coulees” (small valleys).

13th annual ride raises autism awareness & support for PACTT

Dear Friend,

We’re “heading for the hills” this summer in Wisconsin! For over a dozen years, one of us has donned our cycling attire and rode to benefit PACTT Learning Center, a not for profit agency that serves people with autism. This year, Lisa and her sister Ann will be riding through the scenic Western Uplands of Wisconsin in a week long effort to raise awareness and funds for PACTT programs. 

For the last thirteen years, our son Marty has been a participant at PACTT and during that time he has built a life filled with meaning and promise. We are grateful that the staff at PACTT has opened doors for him by providing the intensive supports that he needs. His community-based residence provides access to recreation and other activities that Marty enjoys and the supported employment model offered at PACTT enables him to be employed part time and earn a paycheck.

PACTT has been there all along for our son and many others with the educational, residential and vocational programs they provide to people with severe autism. The comprehensive support found at PACTT is unique in Illinois and that’s why we’re committed to helping PACTT grow. Please join us in helping to advance the human rights of people with autism by making a contribution in support of PACTT by clicking the "Donate" button above. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!