The week in pictures

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Community-based instruction: Why we do what we do

They say practice makes perfect. And the best place to practice, especially for students who might find generalization difficult, is in the place where the skill actually NEEDS to be used. Yes, we practice skills in the classroom, and work on identifying coins and bills, or knowing whether we have enough money to buy a hypothetical item. HOWEVER, it’s even more important that we put those skills to use outside the walls of our building. That’s one of the many reasons that each of our classrooms builds community learning opportunities into their weekly schedule. Whether it’s making a purchase, crossing the street, exploring cultural and recreational options, or ordering your own french fries in a restaurant, we’re out there practicing … and getting as close to perfect as we can!

Here are some of our high school students, practicing their shopping skills.

And these students used AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) to order food at Pizza Hut!

And there’s always time for a little fun, too!

Francis W Parker HS partnership continues

This week, we began a new year of visits with a select group of juniors from Francis W. Parker High School. Each year, a group of Parker students join us throughout the year, learn more about autism, and — most importantly — build friendships with PACTT students.

They kicked off their visit with an Intro to Autism mini-class, led by Lauren Mucha, PACTT’s Transition Specialist, then got to spend time in our classrooms and adult vocational program.

We look forward to our next visit!


Elementary adventures: Indian Boundary Park

Our elementary class took advantage of the weather last week, and enjoyed an adventure in Indian Boundary Park.

Hard at work: Classroom jobs

At the end of each school day, students choose and carry out a variety of classroom jobs - including wiping tables, stacking the class chairs, taking out the trash and recycling, and re-setting the morning meeting board. These jobs help students develop skills, build vocational preferences, and contribute to their classroom environments.

The week in pictures

It’s been a busy week here at PACTT school! Here are a few more scenes from the week.

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PACTT welcomes Steppenwolf visitors

Today PACTT school was excited to welcome the directors and cast of Steppenwolf Theatre Company's upcoming performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. PACTT is partnering with Steppenwolf to provide training and consultation as they prepare for the production.

This week in pictures ...

Here are a few more of this week’s action shots — from math to motor skills and life skills to science, it was a busy week here at #PACTTschool.

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HS Class: Sensory exploration

Our HS classrooms combined language arts, science, and math with sensory fun this week, when they created “cloud sand.” It’s a solid, it crumbles, and it’s soft as a puffy cloud - on your hands AND your feet, as we soon learned!

Transition Class enjoys the weather!

Taking advantage of our beautiful weather while they can, our Transition Class had a picnic lunch at the park this week.

The week in pictures

Week 3 of school was gray and rainy, but that didn't stop us! Our Friday afternoon clubs hit the ground running with art projects, group games, dance and recycling. And our community adventures included one very exciting birthday trip to Burger King!

HS: One tasty lesson!

Following basic recipes wraps language arts, math, science, and life skills into one very tasty lesson! This week, our high school students made some delicious pizza treats.

This week in pictures

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We're learning about interpreting graphs and current events. We're making store purchases and following recipes to make snacks. We're learning to work more independently. And we're having fun! 

What PACTT means to us

Some students had the chance to meet with visitors this week and share what PACTT means to them - and their ideas for PACTT's future.

What a week!

Our first week of school is rolling to the finish line. We've had loads of smiles, fun, and some good hard work, too! 

School's out!

The calendar doesn't lie - school is OUT for the summer! (Well, at least for the next two weeks ... and not before our annual family end-of-summer celebration!) Thanks to all the families who joined us to celebrate this year and all its accomplishment!

Exploring nature at Emily Oaks

Summer at PACTT is full of fun adventures! Some of our PACTT high school students explored Emily Oaks nature preserve: