A little sunshine goes a long way!

It all started with an unexpected visitor to the front door last Tuesday afternoon. A woman named Johanna was there, telling me that she was interested in doing a service project for us, with her mom's group. She wanted to know if that sounded like something we could do. I started to collect her information, and she mentioned that her group was moms and a half-dozen toddlers. At that point, I was pretty sure my idea of service project and HER idea of service project were not quite the same.
We talked some more, and it turns out that their group is from the Baha'i faith (The Baha'i Children of Chicago). She explained that this was a holy week for them, devoted to celebrations of joy and service, and that they wanted to start instilling these values in their children, even from a young age. In the end, we decided that they would make some springtime decorations for us, so that we could make an awesome sunny bulletin board - because we're all a little sick of the snow 'round here!
Friday, two adorable four-year-olds (twins!) dropped by with their mom, and Johanna and her little one. They delivered a magical bag full of decorated bumblebees, flowers, butterflies and a giant sunshine. They were wonderfully adorable, and so excited to be able to share their creations with us.
We are very grateful for our newfound friends - and the sunshine they brought us this week.