Special thanks to Special Kids Foundation!

(Above, left) PACTT Transition Specialist Lauren Mucha accepts the Special Kids Grant at the award ceremony last week.

(Above, right) Special Kids Board Vice President Lauren Litchfield, with Lauren Mucha. 

We send a special THANK YOU to the Special Kids foundation for their generous grant to our children's programs. Because of their generosity, we will be able to implement Video Modeling training for our teaching team AND purchase new equipment and apps for our classrooms.

Transition Specialist Lauren Mucha (pictured here) represented PACTT at the grant ceremony last week. We can't wait to get things rolling! 

More about Video Modeling, from Lauren's acceptance speech: 

Many of our students need intensive supports to carry out activities like personal hygiene, food preparation, social skills, and job tasks. To learn a skill like brushing  teeth, a student might need a teacher to stand next to them and to point to the faucet so that the student turns on the water and wets the toothbrush, to point to the toothpaste to remind the student to put it on the brush, and so on for each step of the task of brushing teeth. They might need a teacher to prompt them this way every time, and some students may take a long time to get to a point where they can perform the skill without any reminders.

This is where video modeling comes in. Instead of a teacher prompting a student through every step of a task, the student can watch a video on an iPad and follow along to perform the steps. The video can be used across settings, so the student who learns to brush his teeth using the video at school can do it at home too. Video modeling can be used to teach skills students need to take care of themselves, to interact and communicate with others, and to work in meaningful employment in the community. Research shows that this is an effective strategy for teaching these types of skills.

To learn more about the use of video modeling for students with autism, visit: