Welcome to a new year!

Even principals need to recharge! 

Even principals need to recharge! 

This may begin my 19th year at PACTT, and my 12th as principal (craziness, I know!), but it doesn't matter - I still get butterflies at back-to-school time! There's something powerful about hitting the reset button, looking ahead toward new adventures, and welcoming the enthusiasm and ideas that come with bringing new crew members aboard. That new-crayon smell (aah!) ... Freshly decorated bulletin boards (and doors!) ... Team members re-energized from their well-deserved break, or excitedly anticipating their first day with students ... All of those things combine for a wonderful fresh slate.

This year, we are PIRATES! As you know (or will quickly learn!), I'm always looking for ways to help us improve - as a school, as a team, and as professionals. This summer, I devoured a book called "Lead like a PIRATE" by Shelley Burgess & Beth Houf, and I am excited to share its themes with our PACTT school crew. (Don't worry - we won't be looting or pillaging!) PIRATE is an acronym, that identifies six tenets of strong teachers and leaders - Passion, Immersion, Rapport, Ask/Analyze, Transformation, and Enthusiasm. Since we all play a part in leading our school to success, this year we are ALL pirates! And since you - our incredible parents - are your children's first, strongest, and longest-running teachers, you are welcome to join us on the adventure. 

Welcome Aboard to our 2017-18 school year!

- Paula