PACTT-Parker partnership continues

Today, PACTT school, transition, and adult programs welcomed a new group of volunteers from Francis W Parker High School. The 17 high school juniors will spend eight scheduled days with PACTT students over the course of the school year. Some days will be on site at PACTT, and some will be on Francis Parker's campus -- including our May Field Day. 

The Parker juniors' visits are part of a community-based class, focused on autism and other disabilities. As they work with PACTT folks, they'll get some hands-on experience in an area with which many of them are completely unfamiliar (for now!). PACTT students get a chance to make new friends, build social skills, and experience visits to a more typical high school.

It's an incredible program, all-around, and we look forward to getting to know our new Parker friends this year!

- Paula